Badanawal Satyagraha Manifesto

The main objective of this Satyagraha is to promote simple life with labour. We believe this alone is sustainable.

Till recently, hard-work and simple living was a matter of choice, a way of life preached by our great saints. It can no longer be a choice; it has become indispensable. Scientists have lost sleep over burning issues like climatic disturbances and global warming. They believe that we have to march towards simple living when there is still a chance as delaying this will become a threat to the very existence of human race.

Our present lifestyle is the epitome of easy living. This raises some serious questions like ‘Is easy living indeed easy?’ or ‘What is the price we are paying for this lifestyle?’ The attraction of an easy life is such that even the poor and labour class have succumbed to it and are experiencing insufferable hardships.

In the modern age, due to exponential growth of technology, mankind has infinite opportunities for easy living. However, such an easy life is unnatural and short-termed. This abnormal development was possible due to an influx of fossil fuels such as – oil, natural gas and coal. But now this seemingly inexhaustible source has depleted; the oil reserves are reduced to less than half.

Oil is at the epicentre of modern industrialization to such an extent that some refer industrialization as the oil revolution. Back in 1960s, when the oil wells were at full capacity, we were able to extract and process hundred folds of oil by spending one unit of energy. Due to this lucrative source, machines ran, distances reduced, green revolution happened, Urea was produced, plastics came into existence, industries mushroomed, mega cities emerged and thus man’s way of life was altered. This also boosted our ego and we aimed for the moon and other planets. And now, we are slowly marching towards our own downfall.

The year 2008 was a turning point. Since then, as scientists have determined, the oil reserves have reduced to less than half. This is called the Peak oil crisis. Although the wells are not yet completely dried out, after peaking, extraction cost increased; output decreased. Very soon, drawing from these wells would incur huge losses. Moreover, due to its excessive pollution of air, coal is not considered an effective source of energy. We are yet to prove the practicality of clean energy sources like wind, solar and nuclear. Hence their usage is limited. There is no better alternative than moving towards a simpler life.

Let us awaken and move towards a simple life with labour, while there is still time. The Badanawal Satyagraha is an effort to embrace a simple life with labour. This is also a step by step moral path towards sustainability. Being close to nature is the right path. A life of labour is the right path. Living with equality and cooperation is the right path.

Come to Badanawal, you will see that it is not the end of the world; It is a lovely beginning.

 Declaration of the Satyagraha

 Handloom is the fabric of the future

Traditional farming is the agriculture of the future

Mother tongue is the language of the future

Decentralization is the politics of the future


The Satyagraha calls for utilizing today’s resources for the industries and agriculture of tomorrow.

 The Satyagraha calls for utilizing knowledge, science, education and political power towards building a sustainable life.

The Satyagraha calls for renouncing industrialization cleverly, carefully and judiciously, without hurting anyone.

Download the manifesto here:



4 thoughts on “Badanawal Satyagraha Manifesto

  1. I fully agree. In fact, I wrote a book titled as “Mahatma A Scientist of the Intuitively Obvious” on Mahatma Gandhi in 2014, that raised the issue that you are converting into action. My best wishes and support.
    I will try to blog in support of your endeavour. Regards.


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