Part of the Satyagraha, there will be Padayatras undertaken from nearby locations. Below “Jathas” are planned:

1. Mysore Padayatra

This will be for 4 days, starting on 15-Apr

Contact: Bala: +91 7204288166 and Tanuja: +91 9480566516


2. Chamarajanagar Padayatra

This will be for 3 days, starting on 16-Apr

Contact: Prajna: +91 9591100663 Dr.Jayadeva: +91 9449406454

Date From K.M To Events
16-04-15 Chamarajanagar Deenabandhu Ashram 3pm 13 Badanaguppe 8pm LunchHalt overnight

At High School

17-04-15 Badanaguppe 5:30am 6 Bendaravaadi 7:30am Breakfast
17-04-15 Bendaravaadi 10am 2 Heggavaadi 11am LunchOvernight Halt at Ambedkar Bhavan
18-04-15 Heggavaadi 6am 3 Kavalande 7:30am Breakfast
18-04-15 Kavalande 9am 5 Devanuru 12pm Lunch and Rest
18-04-15 Devanuru 4pm 4 Tagadooru 6pm Prayer meeting and Overnight Halt
19-04-15 Tagadooru 4:30am 10 Badanavalu 9am National Convention for Sustainable Living


3. Amrutha Bhoomi Padayatra

This will be for 2 days, starting on 17-Apr

Contact: Chukki: +91 9845066156


4. Heggada Devana Kote (H.D Kote) Padayatra

This will be for 5 days, starting on 14-Apr

Contact: Somashekar: +91 9740194118

Date KM Place Time Snack/Meal Halt
13-04-15 00 Karapura 11am Inauguration Function
13-04-15 Karapura 2pm Lunch
14-04-15 16 Antarasanthe 9pm Dinner Antarasanthe
15-04-15 Antarasanthe 7.30am Breakfast
15-04-15 12.7 Bidaralli 1pm Lunch
15-04-15 12.1 Puradakatte 9pm Dinner Puradakatte
16-04-15 Puradakatte 7.30am Breakfast
16-04-15 12.1 Ariyuru 1pm Lunch
16-04-15 11 Hallare 9pm Dinner Hallare
17-04-15 Hallare 7.30am Breakfast
17-04-15 9.4 Yelachagere 1pm Lunch
17-04-15 8 Kumbarahalli 9pm Dinner
18-04-15 Kumbarahalli 7.30am Breakfast
18-04-15 11.7 Devanuru 1pm Lunch
18-04-15 4 Tagaduru 9pm Dinner Tagaduru
19-04-15 8.9 Badanavalu Convention for Sustainable Living


5. Nanjanagud Padayatra

This will be for 2 days, starting on 17-Apr

Contact: Sivaswamy: +91 9008853789

Date Place Halt
17-04-15 B. Shankarananda Vidyarthi Nilaya à via Rajendra Prasad Road à Goluru à Geekahalli Hundi Route à Mallupura Mallupura
18-04-15 Mallupura à Alaganchi à Alaganchipura à Madahalli à Tagaduru Tagaduru
19-04-15 Tagaduru à Devanuru à Badanavalu

The padayatras give you an excellent chance to experience the village and be closely associated with this movement. During the padayatras, there will be stops in specific places for discussions, prayer meetings and understanding the village culture. You will  not just test your physical endurance, but more importantly, express solidarity with the villagers in an environmentally friendly way.

The padayatras are meant to be raw, not easy, so do not expect any luxuries on the way. Basic food, sanitation and accommodation will be taken care of. And, the facilities will differ in different villages, so be open to everything. Please carry light luggage but basic items like plate, glass, cap, bedsheet, mosquito cream, medicines. Generally, we walk early in the morning, stay at a place, conduct events in the afternoon and if needed walk again in the evening, to beat the midday sun!

We will be carrying a handful (or a bagful) of mud from various places and deposit it on the final day at Badanawal and plant a sapling there. All Jathas plan to reach Tagadoor on 18th evening, the final leg of the Padayatra will commence on 19th morning from Tagadoor and end up at Badanawal. This will be a confluence of all people from various Jathas. You can join us on any of the days from any place, we have tried to keep it as flexible as possible.

For registrations,  please contact the concerned co-ordinators AND register here online:

Padayatra Songs can be downloaded here:


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